Monday, April 30, 2007


Bearded Dragons love old fencing posts like this where they can be found basking in the sunlight. When approached they usually adopt this defensive pose (which is all bluff) in attempt to scare off predators or nosy photographers.


AC said...

Looks feisty enough :)

outdoorexposure said...

perfect timing...roar!!!:-P cool shot.

Jasp said...

Jurassic park lives on!

Anonymous said...

BTW I have a Bearded Dragon and they are the coolest and probably the easiest pets to take care of. All you got to do is feed it and play with it and make sure it gets plenty of vitamin D. The Bearded Dragon is quite possibly the coolest lizard arround

BhamGreg said...

theres a lot more to the care of a bearded dragon than just feeding it. they have a fairly specific diet in that a lot of shit we eat is deadly to them and needs to be calcium rich as well as many other important nutrients. They also need the right high temp/low humidity and UVB exposure.

However they are indeed super docile and even social somewhat. And certainly one of the coolest lizards available in the pet trade.

If anyone reads this be sure you do a ton of research before buying a bearded dragon.

Oh and to the photographer. Awesome pic of the wild beardie.

Anonymous said...

my middle school life science teacher is getting a bearded dragon for the classroom. we have to do reasearch on them i am using this picfor a poaster...awesome pic!

Anonymous said...

wow! thats a great picture(:
i love my bearded dragons; rocko & zinian(: they are the sweetest things! i cant wait till they are full grown!!!


p.s fantastic picture (;