Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tribute to the Eastern Brown Snake

The Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) is one of Seven species found within the brown snake genus. Brown snakes though generally shy, are almost always nervous and defensive if provoked or cornered. The bottom photo shows typical colouration of the juveniles. They loose this colouring as they mature and although variable, most resemble that of the one photographed above.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ode to the Tigersnake

The Eastern Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) is one of Victoria's Best Known Snakes (Next to the Eastern Brown Snake- which will feature in the next post). The Tiger Snake is highly variable in both size and colour it can commonly reach sizes of over 1.5metres. The Tiger Snake feeds upon frogs, lizards birds and small mammals. Tiger snake venom contains potent presynaptic neurotoxins (toxins in venom that cause paralysis or muscle weakness). The Tiger Snake is the 4th most venemous snake in the world the most venamous snake being the Inland Tiapan closely followed by the Eastern Brown Snake (featured next post).

Despite all these amazing/daunting facts please take the time to look for the beauty in this snake as they are Gods creatures and have a very important purpouse in the world.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Swamp Wallabies like this one are usually solitary animals, however during the breeding season you can find groups of up to four individuals together. This time of year is when you are likely to find a joey chasing after mumma!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Permission to Land??!

I pestered this Hover Fly for about 20 minuits until i finally caught him mid flight coming into land on an everlasting daisy. Hoverflies are not related to bee's, instead they belong to the same group as blowflies (Diptera).

I.D Unknown

I found this little ripper spider orchid on the weekend whilst on patrol. I have no clues to its I.D as yet.. am awaiting a expert opinion. Ill post the species as soon as i know it!

Covered in Milk Pollen

This little wasp was foraging around in a milkmaid flower.

Can you small Chocolate?

The Chocolate Lilly has a distinctive chocolate small to its flowers!