Thursday, November 30, 2006


The same mantis as last nights post was still sitting where I left her, so i thought id take some more shots.
Nikon D50, 90mm1:1 Macro - Flash: Nikon R1C1 TTL -1.7Ev steps.


Jon said...


I searched in google "tamron 90 nikon r1c1" and your page came up.

So I was wondering if you are using a Tamron 90mm SP 2.8 and the Nikon R1 close-up system. As I am ineterested in getting the flash system for my Tamron lens.

If you are, how do you mount the flash system to the lens?

What step-up ring are you using (brand and size)?

Jon said...


Luis Violante said...

Another great one :)

david kleinert said...

great shot - I love photographing these guys but haven't seen one around for a while!

Tim said...

Mate, I'm genuinely impressed with your work. The various creatures certainly look a lot different when viewed so close up!

Justin said...

Hi there--

I'm with Jon. I'm considering purchasing the Tamron 90mm and the R1 system but I'm not sure what I need to mount the flash system to the lens. I've searched all over the net and can't find an answer. Thoughts?

Tscharke Photography said...


The R1C1 system comes complete with a ring mounting system that attaches directly to any lens.. if the ring provided does not fit the lens you can purchase a step down ring that will allow you to still use it without problems. I HIGHLY recommend this system!!